The Peshwa : War of the Deceivers

Book : The Peshwa : War of the Deceivers

Author: Ram Sivasankaran

Rating: 4 / 5


Seven years have passed since Peshwa Bajirao Bhat annihilated the Nizam’s armies at Fort Mandu. The two forces have been engaged in attacks and skirmishes ever since. Acting on the advice of his right-hand man, the mysterious Anaamik Dabhade, the Peshwa now sets about laying a trap to truly ensnare the Mughals, and break their might.

The Empire, of course, has methods of its own. And Nizam Ul Mulk is itching for an opportunity to exact revenge of the formidable Bajirao. With assassins, saboteurs and criminals infiltrating the Maratha lands, the Mughal Empire scores as many victories in the night as the Peshwa does during the day. 

Meanwhile, in the far reaches of the country, set ablaze by the never-ending conflict between these major powers, a Sikh warlord, a Rajput king and a Bundela princess find themselves increasingly tangled up in the endgame that will determine the very course of history. It is a battle of wits and skill, and the greatest deceiver of them all will prevail. 


Thanks to WritersMelon and the publisher for the review copy

The book starts off  seven years after the last book ended. The Peshwa, Bajirao thinking of ways to end the Mughal Empire.  The Vazir,Nizam Ul Mukh,  thinking ways to get revenge on Bajirao. The illegitimate brother of Dadabhe, Anaamik has become Peshwa’s spy master and close confidant.There is a dual time-line in the book, where we are taken back to the time when Chimanji Appa, the youngest brother of Bajirao was gone missing.  The Peshwa still harbours a hope that Chimanji is alive.

Will the Peshwa and Chimanji meet?
Will Anaamik betray Bajirao ?
Will the Nizam get his revenge?

Read to find out

When I requested for Peshwa II I didn’t realize that it was a historical fiction based on the Bajirao of the movie Bajirao Mastani. I was waiting for Bajirao and Mastani to meet. Since I hadn’t read the first book in the series, I got that in Kindle Unlimited. I would request those who are planning to read this book to read Peshwa I, though the author does provide recaps during some connected events, it would help you to understand the characters and plot more in depth. 

I felt that at times it was a tad too descriptive.I liked the twist at the end, which I was able to guess only mere pages before the reveal. I loved how the story plays out and how everything is linked. I’m looking forward to read the next book in the series.

Recommended for readers who love historical fiction

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