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Alumni of the Year

September 18, 2019

Book : Alumni of the Year

Author:Tomson Roberts

Rating: 3/ 5

Experience Dave’s journey.
Dave is ambitious, has a demanding boss, and is struggling to balance work and life, especially the relationship with his five-year-old daughter. Dave cherishes the memories of his school days. However, due to an incident from the past, he hardly keeps in touch with his best friends.
When Dave learns that his arch-rival from school is nominated for the prestigious Alumni of the Year Competition, he buys his way into the nomination by donating to the school library.
Travel on a life-changing journey with Dave—from Dubai, to Goa, to Kochi—as he goes for the School Reunion function. See how he confronts his past, his ambitions, his fears, and discovers about what truly matters in life.
Thanks to WritersMelon and the publisher for the review copy
The main protagonist of the story is David Thomas. He works in a Management consulting firm in Dubai. His work interferes with his life, and he doesn’t have much time for his family. The chapters interweave between past and Dave’s school days. When he learns that there a School Reunion and Alumni of the year competition, Dave decides to take part to beat his arch rivalDoes Dave win the contest? 
Can Dave give importance to his family than to work? 
Read to find out 

This was a pretty short book, just around 150 pages. It was a bit nostalgic, because it brought back memories of my school days. The language is simple, I felt it was too simple at times. At times it reminded me of malayalam movies that I had watched, I’m not a fan of such books.The story is predictable, but you could pick it up if you are looking for a light read. It was easy to relate to Dave, being a workaholic myself. It is hard to draw the line between work and life, when we are supposed to be available 24*7.