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M C Frank’s Couples giveaway 

February 7, 2018

Hi guys , there is a giveaway hosted by MC Frank ,the winner gets 15$ from book depository

First of all let me introduce you to MC Frank’s couples

  1. Dominic and Beatrice  This is a regency retelling of Jane Eyre You can read my review on Ruined here . I finished in one sitting and i loved the banter between Beatrice and Dominique
  2. Ari and Wes This one is loosely based  of Pride and Prejudice, you can read my review of Lose me here. Ari and Wes are my new favourite OTP.
  3. Astra and Felix 
    I’m yet to read the No ordinary Star series , looking forward to fall in love with Astra and Felix. This story is set in 2525 and inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short stories. There are three books in this series

To enter the giveaway check out the link