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November 20, 2018

Book : Endurer

Author: Kapil Raj

Rating: 4 / 5


“The beam of sunlight crossed the room along with the dust dancing in. It could do nothing but allow the particles to contaminate the ray and make it impure, just like me.” 

Life was a fun fed roller coaster: New found love, drugs, cat-fights, patch ups, crushes, night hangouts, and unplanned trips. Like any girl, not in the wildest dream, Palak could imagine that after attending a Rave Party, she will wake up to the horror of finding herself raped. 

In traumatic conditions and struggle between sanity and hallucinations, she is compelled by the circumstances to leave her world. Already fighting a war within, her stances takes a toll witnessing horrifying tales of women and girls. Little did she knew that this catastrophe was not enough for one lifetime, and a storm – was just cooling its heels. 

Will she be able to carve her path while facing the rapists, her tyrant father, appearances of her passed away mother? Should Palak let her life to be decided by people, society, and taboos? Would justice return her life or revenge lend her peace? 

A heart-rending story of a girl, whose beliefs and honor has been battered, stands up to make choices, rediscovering the meaning of life. 


Thanks to the author for the review copy 

The main character of the story is Palak, a college student. The story starts off with her bday,her gang of friends include Tanya, Ankita, Uday, Arav, and Jahan decide to bunk class to celebrate. An unfortunate encounter leads them to meet Rohin. Rohin introduces them to the world of drugs and Palak tries it for the first time.When Uday informs the gang that there is a rave party (a party where there is alcohol and drugs) happening, they decide to go and enjoy. Even though Palak isn’t quite sold out on the idea, she decides to go have fun for a night.The night changes her whole life, she gets raped and no memory of what happened to her.

Who raped Palak?
Why can’t she remember anything?
Will the rapist get their due?
Read to find out

I loved the cover art, it is beautiful. The language is simple and narration was medium paced. It talks about the impact rape causes in the life of a girl, how it just destroys her world. The rapist’s reasons irritated me, somehow everything is the girl’s fault. She decided to go out late at night, she wore less clothes, it was obvious that the girl was begging for it . They simply couldn’t resist 😐😐😐

Initially it was little slow, and I kind of suspected each and every guy she came across. I think it would have made more of an impact if I didn’t know what was going to happen. I also guessed who was responsible for the rape, though i  didn’t connect all the dots. I didn’t like the tagline of the book, I just feel that A rape story was uncalled for in the title,i felt it was insensitive

I loved the characters of Sethani and Meethi. Their backstories were horrifying and felt too real. The story does have its share of friendship, love,betrayal,loss and grief.Palak’s life before did make me nostalgic of my college days, though there were no parties and alcohol and drugs involved. 


Girls’ Night out 

July 23, 2018

Book : Girls’ Night Out

Author: Liz Fenton, Lisa Steinke

Rating: 4 / 5


For estranged friends Ashley, Natalie, and Lauren, it’s time to heal the old wounds between them. Where better to repair those severed ties than on a girls’ getaway to the beautiful paradise of Tulum, Mexico? But even after they’re reunited, no one is being completely honest about the past or the secrets they’re hiding. When Ashley disappears on their girls’ night out, Natalie and Lauren have to try to piece together their hazy memories to figure out what could have happened to her, while also reconciling their feelings of guilt over their last moments together.

Was Ashley with the man she’d met only days before? Did she pack up and leave? Was she kidnapped? Or worse—could Natalie or Lauren have snapped under the weight of her own lies?

As the clock ticks, hour by hour, Natalie and Lauren’s search rushes headlong into growing suspicion and dread. Maybe their secrets run deeper and more dangerous than one of them is willing—or too afraid—to admit.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher(Lake Union Publishing) for the ARC

Three friends Natalie, Ashley and Lauren are on a trip to Tulum, Mexico in an attempt to reconnect their friendship. The book starts off with their last day on the trip, when Natalie wakes up alone on the beach with no memories of last night. She and Lauren are not able to find Ashley. The story interweaves between past 3 days at the hotel and the present search for Ashley. There are some things left unsaid between the friends which don’t allow them to reconnect properly. The last thing Natalie remembers is leaving with Ashley and Marco, a guy Ash flirts with.

What happened to Ashley?

What are the issues between Lauren,Ashley and  Natalie?

Who is Marco?

I loved the air of intrigue in the book, the search for Ashley kept me at the edge of my seat. The characters and their flaws were realistic. In a group of three friends, one always feels left out, if you have ever been in a such a group you can relate easily to the characters. I don’t know if I have a favorite character. Ashley was little bossy, even though it was hard to like her i still wanted to know what happened to her. Lauren was still recovering from Geoff ‘s death,but she still was not able to forgive Ashley. Natalie  was finding hard to find a work life balance, I could feel her frustration through the book. The ending was a tad disappointing as I was expecting a twist.


Aqson Level 1

March 24, 2018

Book : Aqson Level 1

Author: Sreejib

Rating: 3.75/5


“Slowly, she sauntered towards Toya, stopped a few feet away, looked into Toya’s eyes, and roared. It was an ear-splitting, feet-numbing, rib-shaking roar that promised death. This was the end of her, Toya knew.

This was how she would die. In this unknown museum at the hands of this Olympian lioness, and, she would never be found again.”

When it became impossible to choose between God and Satan, angels decided to play games. Games that would help them pick the guardian angel of this world. Every warrior angel got divided into two teams, Team God and Team Lucifer.

Strict rules were implemented, an unusual map was designed and a council was set up to administer these games. Satan has commenced one such game called Aqson and set the Indian Prime Minister’s position as the goal of this game.

Now, a completely unknown species will collide with humans to play a game where losing is not figurative. Angels will stoop to enter the grunge of Indian politics.
A grey eyed lioness will stop at nothing. And, a group of young boys and girls will be forced to rise above their identity to play and win Level 1 of Aqson.

Pick a side, because the game has begun. ”


When I was first offered to review this book, I was intrigued by the name, is Aqson even a word. In the prologue you get to know the significance of the title. So Aqson is a game played by the Team God and Team Lucifer aka The Devil. The length of the game is 30 years, the team who makes their EKAM(weapon) the Prime minister of India wins the game. The game has a game map and rules. Each weapon will have an angel who guards it. The winning team gets all the weapons used in the game.

We get to meet Yuvrani  Rathore, the weapon of team Lucifer. She is the party president of the ruling party,NDP.   Vanraj, her guard is the angel that is guarding her. Then we come across few college students, Toya, AJ, Ollie and Goenka. They are best friends who share a flat. They unexpectedly get pulled into the world of student politics. The story in narrated alternatively by Yuvrani and Toya. Meanwhile the weapon of God is not visible in the game map, but the  guardia angel,Job has been activated.
Who is the weapon of  Team God?

Why can’t Team Lucifer see them?

Who will  win Aqson Level 1?

Read to find out

It was a fast paced book and I enjoyed it.  Toya’s narrative was humorous, but I found that the story was bit  dragging in the middle. The friendship between Toya, AJ, Ollie and Goenka was cute. The plot was great ,but i  wanted the characters to be more developed.  It was an unique idea executed well. It has a mix of politics, mythology and gaming. I liked how the author brings the current scenario in between the story , like the part where Toya and her friends go to meet the students and realize that poor students prefer food over opportunities. I loved the Prologue, and wanted more chapters with God and Lucifer. The twists in between were great, the time when we discover God’s weapon is one of the best.  It would have been great if we could actually see the game map. Looking forward to read the next book.

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Favourite Quotes

“When you start something for others,you lose your choice to stop without seeing it through”

“Good is being good to everyone irrespective of how the other person is.Bad is being bad to everyone irrespective of how the other person is.Being good to the good and bad to the bad is being calculative”

About the author

Sreejib is Koel Ganguli’s pseudonym.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Koel completed her masters in Mass Communication and got into creative writing.
In spite of being a firm believer in the reality of fantasy, she finds the concept of gods too far fetched and chooses not to believe in it.
She likes to watch videos on carpentry, read fiction, eat rolls and Nutella and fears that religions will cause the ultimate apocalypse, soon.

Lose Me 

February 7, 2018

Book : Lose Me

Author: M C Frank

Rating: 4 / 5


Jane Austen meets K-drama in this compulsively readable New Adult novel of movie stars, golden beaches and intense romance.

“Today is not the day I die.”

Ari Demos, a half Greek stunt girl, starts her every day with this thought. It’s not that her job isn’t dangerous, but she’s been surfing, training and doing sick water stunts for years. Now, just months after graduating from high school, she’s ready for her first job on a real movie set. But on the day before shooting starts, she has an accident.One that almost claims her life. And that’s when she realizes that she can’t hide from the truth any longer: something big and dark is coming, and she’s not sure she will survive it.
Then Wes Spencer arrives on the scene with his expensive yacht, glamorous friends and bored attitude. He’s a British superstar, the famous pirate of a hit TV show that made girls all over the planet swoon at a glimpse of his dirty blonde hair and green eyes, and he’s in Greece to film a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. When he meets Ari, he dismisses her as too unimportant. But as it turns out, she isn’t unimportant. In fact, quite the opposite.

Will Wes and Ari fall in love Hollywood style, or will they end up fighting for their lives?


This is the story of Ari, a stunt girl and Wes, the Hollywood actor. They meet at the sets of First Sentences, a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Wes, the arrogant superstar who can have any girl he wants. Ari, the new stunt girl, who is pissed by Wes’s arrogance. Ari has lived all her life in Greece, with her father and grandparents.This is her first stunt film, she enjoys doing water stunts. As the female lead in the movie Elle “doesn’t do water”, Ari and Wes get more time in each other’s company.Eventhough they are biting each other’s head off most of the time ,there are times  they find that it is difficult to fight the attraction brewing.

Are Wes and Ari falling in love ?
Will Ari be able to forget all the gossip surrounding Wes ?
Read to find out.

I love Ari and Wes, they are my new favorite OTP. I love how the book has mails, tumbler posts and tweets. My favorite character is Ollie, Wes’s best friend. He has always stood by Wes and sees the real Wes. The characters do remind you of Pride and Prejudice.It was easy to connect with the main characters.Once you start the book, it is difficult to put it down.There were times when i didn’t agree with Ari’s choices,but  it was easy to understand why  she chose that. They were quite a few surprises along the way,at times the book made me teary eyed.

Recommended for romance readers

Favorite quotes 

People form solid links to each other, and that is how they remain upright when life throws a tsunami on them: by supporting one another

The truth is,  people don’t survive alone. And they certainly don’t thrive alone

To me, being in love is not to belong to yourselves anymore. And in a good way. To belong to her.

About the Author

M.C. Frank (writer, reader, designer, physicist and teacher, to name a few) has been living in a world of stories ever since she can remember (that’s before she knew how to write). She started writing them down when she could no longer stand the characters in her head screaming at her to give them life, and while those first scribblings weren’t exactly good (nor were they books, although she insisted on calling them that), they were enough for her to discover her passion in life.
She got her university degree in physics a few years ago (yes, she’s like Sheldon, only a bit crazier!) and is now free to pursue her love of reading and writing, as well her free-lance job as editor-in-chief. She lives with her ‘dude’ in a home filled with candles, laptops and notebooks, where she rearranges her overflowing bookshelves every time she feels stressed.

Prodigy Prince (The Seven Covenant Book 1)

February 2, 2018

Book : Prodigy Prince (The Seven Covenant Book 1)

Author: Natasha Sapienza

Rating: 3/5


At seventeen, all Prince Nuelle had ever known was safety and peace while living in the Supreme Palace of Zephoris.

But one night, his older brother, Tane, defies their father by traveling to a cursed land. Now Nuelle holds the signet-ring and carries more responsibility than even Tane bore. Thrust from the palace and sent to a knight-building academy, Nuelle must discover his purpose for the entire kingdom’s sake.

From his place of banishment, Prince Antikai has been exacting revenge through fear and rebellions. Nuelle has the potential to defeat him, but he needs the help of a powerful book and six gifted youths.

Summoned by Antikai, shape-shifting beasts and other enemies hunt Nuelle and the Acumen. If either is destroyed, the faithful citizens in Zephoris will perish, and darkness will rule forever.


 I received a ebook copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review 

The book starts off with Prince Nuelle being sent off to the academy as the palace is not safe for him. Nuelle is the second son of King Nifal, the Supreme King of Zephoris. As his elder brother Tane left to defeat an enemy all responsibility falls to Nuelle.Nuelle and his friend Ave travel to the knight building academy to retrieve the Acumen, the book which holds all answers. The villian in our story is Prince Antikai who wants to become the Supreme King.The book takes us through Nuelle journey to defeat Antikai.

Will Nuelle get hold of the Acumen ?
Does the Acumen hold all the answers?
Can Nuelle save Zephoris ?
Read to find out

After reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell,i was looking for a fast paced book . This one is fast paced , but at times too much and leaves you confused. The starting didn’t encourage me to continue further, as it was little too confusing. There was a glossary at the end which kind of explained all the magical  creatures and everything , i think it would have been better , if we had more explanation in the book. On the whole it was an ok book for me.

Recommended for fantasy readers who love fast paced , action filled books

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

January 30, 2018

Book : Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Author: Becky Albertalli

Rating: 4 / 5


Sixteen-year-old and not-so-openly gay Simon Spier prefers to save his drama for the school musical. But when an email falls into the wrong hands, his secret is at risk of being thrust into the spotlight. Now Simon is actually being blackmailed: if he doesn’t play wingman for class clown Martin, his sexual identity will become everyone’s business. Worse, the privacy of Blue, the pen name of the boy he’s been emailing, will be compromised.

With some messy dynamics emerging in his once tight-knit group of friends, and his email correspondence with Blue growing more flirtatious every day, Simon’s junior year has suddenly gotten all kinds of complicated. Now, change-averse Simon has to find a way to step out of his comfort zone before he’s pushed out—without alienating his friends, compromising himself, or fumbling a shot at happiness with the most confusing, adorable guy he’s never met


The book starts with Martin blackmailing Simon.  Simon is a 17 year old boy who is gay.Simon found Blue over the internet and they exchange emails . Simon signs as Jacques , and we don’t know Blue’s identity. Martin happens to come across these emails and threatens to expose Simon. In exchange Martin asks Simon help him in getting close to Abby( one of Simon’s friends) The story takes us through Simon’s life , how he manages to extricate from this problem, how he plans to find Blue. 

Will Martin publish the screenshots ?
Is Simon falling in love with Blue? 
Will Simon and Blue find each other ?
Read to find out

The book was so cute and adorable . I never thought i would swoon over a gay romance , but now i do . I love Simon and Blue. I did find out who Blue was even before Simon did. This is a beautiful story of love and friendship. I loved all of Simon’s friends 

About the Author

Becky Albertalli is the author of the acclaimed novels Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (film: Love, Simon), The Upside of Unrequited, and Leah on the Offbeat. She is also the co-author of What If It’s Us with Adam Silvera. A former clinical psychologist who specialized in working with children and teens, Becky lives with her family in Atlanta.